Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is something that can come from anywhere, if it had to come to a time that you had think that there is hope. People can believe in it and some can't because it might of effected them in past that they believed in hope but it didn't come to help or some what. Hope is special to some of us that "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope" and that was said by Martin Luther King Jr. Most of the time hope can come from anything that people consider that is hope.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thinking of Justice

I think that social justice is a great thing for people that it's an opportunities to get gain or earn something that some people wished for, like money. People are grateful to see these opportunities because it has never happened to them before that they would think of it as their lucky day. Now what I think of prevalent issues today is that people are taking drugs and poverty, it can affect us a lot as it gives people hope.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Mood of Love

When people who are madly in love with some one it can be sometime explain by sciences that functional MRI brain scanner can see that those kind of people are happily in love but then there are people who are dumped sadly. Love is a strange thing that around the world people sing, dance, make poems, and stories about love. They tell myths and legends about love that some will live for love, they kill for love, and they die for love. But even so love can't always be in a happy way that people can ask you two question that is, "have you ever been rejected by somebody that you really love, and "have you ever rejected somebody that really loves you?" And almost 95 percent of both men and women said yes to both, as almost nobody gets out out of love alive.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Science of Happiness

Back then Gilbert says that two million years is nothing and the people who live during those years have evolved like our brain gains new structures as well as getting a new part called the frontal lobe. Also there are more parts that the human brain have has called the pre-frontal that can allow humans to do a lot of things but one of the most important things it does is an experience simulator. Next, there are other things called the impact bias and the synthetic happiness but the impact bias is the tendency for the simulator to work badly and the synthetic happiness is the people who is really happy about having money, a house and having it all to their self. Then, when the time Gilbert says something about our psychological immune system it is a system of cognitive processes, largely non-conscious cognitive processes, that help them change their view of the world, so that they can feel better about the worlds in the which they find themselves. Again when people who synthesize happiness, as the gentlemen seem to have done, we all amile at them, but we kind of roll our eyes and say, "Yeah right , you never really wanted the job." "Oh yeah, right. You really didn't have that much in common with her, and you figured that out just about the time she threw the engagement ring un your face." We smirk because we believe the synthetic happiness is not of the same quality as what call "natural happiness." So this the science of happiness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


What makes me happy is that I get to see my family happy to see each other. Happiness is when people are smiling and having fun. It's important to happy but not all the time as there are things that can be sad and others are just not meant to be happy about. The way to be happy is to laugh or something that made a spark inside and that spark is your happiness. There are somethings that people are not happy about that can affected their life but there can be sometimes they can be happy but happiness can't help them from what has happened to them. So happiness is a wonderful emotion and can help some people for what has happen that made them sad but there is a way to make a person happy no matter what. There can also be many ways to be happy for others and that's great to others as that is their way to b happy.

Friday, December 2, 2016


I think grit is an important element of success as a first step to start your way in building targets but what you really need as a momentous column is commitment. Some people can be gritty depending what they're always facing in life because grit is nothing more than perseverance. Grit is really something that can take over everyone's mind because everyone works hard for something and they sometimes think that they'll fail it and lose the thing they were working so hard for. Such as like me, I tried in working really hard to success in life for what I been working on for so long that I believe that I can make it to my goals. So I think that grit is important because it helps us work hard for what we're working for in our life that we can reach for our goals in the future and that's why I think grit is important.

Monday, November 14, 2016

self control

I have a bit of self control when I'm in class as it takes a long time, I'm not suppose to do anything but work but when they don't you to do anything it's hard because I want to draw whenever I have the chance. I'm able to hold back when I do things like that but more I think about drawing I would want to do it. I can have self control when I have to force in my classes but when it comes to going home I barely study but I would do the homework that I was suppose to do.